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Update on new course on ReWilding and Ecological Restoration (ERS 375-001)

In winter 2017, I am launching a new course on ReWilding & Ecological Restoration.

The UPDATED syllabus is attached:  ers-375-001-syllabus-jan-3Note that this is even more current that what is on the SERS website (I made some changes after we closed for xmas; I’ll ask Patti to post the new version as soon as possible after we open again on Jan 3)

Like the syllabus draft says:

“ReWilding is the macro-scale approach to conserving and restoring the socioecological resilience of ecosystems.   It can be spatially explicit and quite dependent on large scale modelling and landscape ecology but it can also take a more integrative approach that is more geared towards ecological planning, management, and monitoring of the whole socioecological system. Core to the mission of the School of Environment, Resources & Sustainability, this course will explore the full range of facets that ReWilding involves.  Specifically, the course will focus on restoration and conservation at landscape scale, including an emphasis on connectivity, reintroduction of keystone species, novel ecosystems, re-introduction of apex predators, herbivores, and omnivores.  Because ReWilding can be infused with various political agenda and ideologies, technocratic issues, policy ambitions, and governance issues, students can expect to experience a course focused on ecology and technical skills but contextualized and connected to the larger concepts of socioecological change and resilience.  There will be at least one applied project that partners with a multi-sectoral group focused on ReWilding the Lake Simcoe ecosystem; in this manner, students will have an experiential application of the principles in the course.”

Looking to enrol in winter 2017? The first offering has the usual experimental number – ERS 375.  My section is 001; class number 5089.  The permission number can be obtained through Patti Bester – again, once we open for business Jan 3 (bear in mind Patti will have a zillion emails so be patient – you can show up for class Jan 4, regardless). Class is Monday and Wednesday 1300-1420 in EV1 350.

For those interested in future offerings: Pending final approval, the permanent number will be ERS 337 as of winter 2018.  For example, I’ll make make a few more changes – Jim Harris of Cranfield U and SER fame made some great additional suggestions for assigned readings that will be added for 2018.