Dr. Sara Ashpole: Restored/Constructed Wetlands for Herptile Conservation

Sara defended her PhD Sept 9 2015 – expertly as always.  She’s been working on her project for longer than just her Phd – undertaking the task of working on Constructed & Restored Wetlands for Amphibian + Reptile Conservation.  The gist of her project is that if you build it, they will come.  This is not always true but when you are dealing with a location like Sara’s (south Okanagan BC) that is heavily disturbed by urbanization and farming, then whatever organisms are left are desperate.  So far, her results have been laudable as the populations and communities are showing signs of stabilizing in some locales but, as always, there are mixed results and struggles with ensuring sufficient connectivity exists to allow for metapopulations to thrive and avoid becoming roadkill.  Some ponds seem to foster excellent breeding conditions while others might become ecological traps.  Stay tuned for more once Sara and I publish this whole story.




Success – and a novel ecosystem, no less.

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