Restoration in urban areas

MES graduate Patricia Huynh continued on with CaRE as a PhD student.  Her work is shifting from a watershed characterization study in the Grand River (her MES) to one focused on BACI of restoration and urban impacts in several Toronto region subwatersheds.  We’re working with U Waterloo’s Bruce MacVicar, Concordia’s Andre Roy, and Western’s Peter Ashmore on a NSERC stragetic grant for Assessing and Restoring the Resilience of Urban Stream Networks.

We were out scouting field sites and as a bonus UBC’s John Richardson is also working there on a NSERC SPG on larger scale watershed characterization – effectively, his group is working on a bigger version of what Patricia has been doing for her MES and with John involved, the two UW and UBC led groups will be able to combine forces to produce some even more ambitious research on urban ecology in watersheds,


UW + UBC led teams on site in Vaughn Ontario.  Now that’s what I call bank erosion!

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